Ovenbag OB 300 brown

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With the high-quality Ovenbag, grilling is easier and more convenient than ever before. You can serve your customers faster because no cleaning is necessary during operation. The Ovenbag can be placed directly on a contact grill or in an oven to heat sandwiches, paninis or pizzas. Food can be eaten directly from the bag or taken.

Why Ovenbag?

  1. Flavors are not mixed: no aftertaste of burnt leftovers Hygienic:
  2. The food does not touch the grill during heating
  3. No soiled contact grill by leaking cheese or similar
  4. The paper is heat resistant and certified, flash point> 400 ° C
  5. The paper is greaseproof and holds the oil and fat foods in the bag
  6. The bread also gets the grill strips through the paper
  7. The Ovenbag is made from 100% certified and food grade paper
  8. Compostable and biodegradable: The bags can be disposed of as organic waste
  9. Size: OB 300 170mmx40mmx200mm for large Panino, fladbread or burritos
  10. 1 carton with 500 bags

Further information https://boernhorst.de/services/ovenbag/