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Grill sausages and / or burger patties, fries or wedges. Fry without smell With this innovative technology, you don't need an extraction system and you can still provide your customers with the No. 1 snacks in your country such as sausage with French fries. There are a variety of possible combinations for the Grillomax devices, with or without a deep fryer, especially for steaks or the brand new Bakery Edition especially for use in bakeries as an energy-saving alternative to power-consuming hybrid ovens. Talk to us without obligation and describe your requirements. We have the right combination for your needs. The Grillomax combines grill, circulating air and infrared and enables an easy and quick preparation experience. This allows 8 sausages or burger patties and 5 portions of fries, wedges, falafel, croquettes and much more. There are different versions of the Grillomax, with or without a deep-frying drum, especially for preparing burgers and for grilling. The right device for the preparation for every application. The integrated filter unit allows you to cook odorlessly. The filter unit works with a plasma filter that filters out fat and dust particles and cleans the exhaust air close to 100%. The high-quality dishwasher-safe components and receptacles make your work easier. The sales price given here is a sample price for the standard version with a deep-frying drum and grill unit. Before making a purchase, we should talk about your preparation requirements. Outside Germany deliver costs are not included.